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            Bodyworx L329R Adjustable Rack
Key Features Suitable for squats.   Quick & easy pop-pin height adjustm..
           Bodyworx L314SR Squat Rack
Key Features Easy to assemble design perfect for squat exercises.   2x spot..
          Bodyworx L315SR Squat Rack/Dip Stand
Key Features Independent squat stands.   Adjustable height via quick releas..
         Bodyworx L415SR Adjustable Squat Rack / Dip Stand
Key Features Width adjustable for different barbells & dip exercises.   ..
        Bodyworx L470HR Half Rack
Key Features Heavy duty construction.   Long spotters for added safety. ..
       Bodyworx     L862SS Independent Squat Stand
Key Features Heavily constructed with high tensile steel tubing.   T-Shape ..
      Bodyworx    L868SS Heavy Duty Squat Rack
Key Features Completely free-standing, quick & easy assembly.   Extra s..
     Bodyworx L480MPR Multi Press Rack
Key Features Extra heavy duty steel tube construction.   Uprights set to a ..
    Bodyworx L47XD Dip Handles
Key Features Suitable for L470HR, LU475R & LU475PC.   3 width available..
  Bodyworx LBRT10 T-Bar Trainer for Machines
Key Features T-Bar trainer LBRT10 fits onto L314SR, L315SR, L415SR, L470HR, LU475PC &..
 Bodyworx LBRT20 T-Bar Trainer for Olympic Plates
Key Features Fits onto olympic plates.   Internal double bearings for smoot..
Bodyworx LBRTKIT T-Bar Trainer Handle Bar Kit
Key Features Kit contains 3 alternate handlebars to customise your workout.   ..
Bodyworx LRA Metal Battle Rope Anchor
Key Features Strong metal construction,durable, tough finish. With two..
Bodyworx LRS Nylon Battle Rope Anchor
Key Features Heavy-duty tightly woven nylon, high tensile and strength. ..
Bodyworx LXWR150 Adjustable Squat Rack
Key Features Completely free-standing, quick & easy assembly.   Height ..