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Bodyworx     L862SS Independent Squat Stand
Key Features Heavily constructed with high tensile steel tubing.   T-Shape ..
Bodyworx    L868SS Heavy Duty Squat Rack
Key Features Completely free-standing, quick & easy assembly.   Extra s..
Bodyworx L314SR Squat Rack
Key Features Easy to assemble design perfect for squat exercises.   2x spot..
Bodyworx L315SR Squat Rack/Dip Stand
Key Features Independent squat stands.   Adjustable height via quick releas..
Bodyworx L329R Adjustable Rack
Key Features Suitable for squats.   Quick & easy pop-pin height adjustm..
Bodyworx L415SR Adjustable Squat Rack / Dip Stand
Key Features Width adjustable for different barbells & dip exercises.   ..
Bodyworx L470HR Half Rack
Key Features Heavy duty construction.   Long spotters for added safety. ..
Bodyworx L47XD Dip Handles
Key Features Suitable for L470HR, LU475R & LU475PC.   3 width available..
Bodyworx L480MPR Multi Press Rack
Key Features Extra heavy duty steel tube construction.   Uprights set to a ..
Bodyworx LBRT10 T-Bar Trainer for Machines
Key Features T-Bar trainer LBRT10 fits onto L314SR, L315SR, L415SR, L470HR, LU475PC &..
Bodyworx LBRT20 T-Bar Trainer for Olympic Plates
Key Features Fits onto olympic plates.   Internal double bearings for smoot..
Bodyworx LBRTKIT T-Bar Trainer Handle Bar Kit
Key Features Kit contains 3 alternate handlebars to customise your workout.   ..