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Accessories For Modular Racks

              Accessories For Modular Racks
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 Bodyworx 4CF890P Pulley for Modular Racks
Key Features Rope Pulley for use on cross training rigs. Internal Diameter: 45mm (s..
Bodyworx 4CF199 Gym Chalk
Key Features 100% pure magnesium carbonate chalk.   Keep hands dry for a fi..
Bodyworx 742WB Wall Mounted Chin-up Bar
Key Features Multi-grip chin-up bar.   Heavy construction with metallic pow..
Bodyworx LCF104 J-Hooks (1 Pair Per Pack)
Key Features Heavy duty construction.   Rubber bumper to protect bars. ..
Bodyworx LCF105 Spotter Arms (1 Pair per Pack)
Key Features Heavy duty construction.   Rubber plate on the top to protect ..
Bodyworx LCF106 Multi-Pegs (4 Pcs per Pack)
Key Features Solid steel rods.   Fits on LCF105 for dip exercises.  ..
Bodyworx LCF107 Deluxe Step-up Platform
Key Features Fits on to LCF105 Spotter Arms for step-up exercises.   Rubber..
Bodyworx LCF107N Regular Step-up Platform
Key Features Diamond steel plate top.   Heavy construction.   ..
Bodyworx LCF108 Dip Handle
Key Features Fits on to Modular Rack, L870HR & L890CR.   Fits onto all ..
Bodyworx LCF109 T-Bar Row & Handle
Key Features Can be assembled onto Modular Cross Training Racks with 70mm x 70mm or 70mm ..
Bodyworx LCF109T T-Bar Trainer
Key Features Solid construction. Double bearings inside for smooth rot..
Bodyworx LCF110 Rubber Band Hooks (1 Pair)
Key Features Can be assembled on to modular rack uprights.   Can be assembl..
Bodyworx LCF116 Power Ladder
Key Features Ideal for climbing & suspension exercises.   Heavy duty co..
Bodyworx LCF118 Wall Ball Target
Key Features Assembled on to the top of uprights.   Height adjustable. &..
Bodyworx LCF119 - Boxing Bag Bracket
Key Features Made of steel.   The Boxing Bag Bracket can be secured to any ..
Bodyworx LCF263 Economy Lifting Platform
Key Features Central strong plywood board 3m x 2m x 30mm (thickness).   ..
Bodyworx LCF265 Deluxe Lifting Platform with Oak Centre
Key Features Central wooden board, 3m x 2m x 50mm (thickness).   ..