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Bodycraft ABCDSN - DualPro Sensor
Key Features The Bodycraft Cadence/Speed Sensor is a wireless solution for measuring your cyc..
Bodycraft LBC5LB - 5LB Add-on Weight
Key Features The BODYCRAFT Add-on Weight allows for small incremental increases of 2.3kg for ..
Bodycraft LFT-12 - Sports Bar
Key Features An ideal add on for the XPress, X2, X4, GLX, GXP, Elite, K1, K2 and Jones Functi..
Bodycraft LFT-13 - Functional Long Bar
Key Features An ideal add-on for BODYCRAFT XPress, X2, X4, GLX, GXP, Elite, K1, K2, Jones Fun..
Bodycraft LFT-29 - Ankle Strap
Key Features The BODYCRAFT Ankle Strap creates even more possibilities with your home gym. Tr..
Bodycraft LFT-31 - Tricep Rope
Key Features The BODYCRAFT Tricep Rope is a ‘must have’ for the ultimate tricep workout, and ..
Bodycraft LFT-62 - Adjustable Single Handle
Key Features The BODYCRAFT D-Ring Handle allows you maximum versatility in your exercise, by ..